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Our partner Kontorrama AS in Norway has implemented the concept for the design of the new headquarters of Felleskjøpet. The idea was for the agrarian association to bring the colours of the seasons into the new building and thereby emphasise its connection to nature. Landscapes for meetings, retreat and communication, whose colours generate an association with spring, summer, autumn and winter while serving as an orientation and guidance system, have arisen on the various floors. The various areas were constructed in different sizes with the ophelis docks modular system which can be configured in many different ways. Several elements, with and without partitions were chosen, according to whether or not shielding was desired. The wide range of choice within the ophelis textile collection is what makes the various colour and material moods possible.


  • Label Ophelis
  • Client Felleskjøpet
  • Photography Espen Gees

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A project by Ophelis

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A project by
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